Friday, September 5, 2008

Lindsay Lohan say no to Playboy magazine

Lindsay Lohan picture
Lindsay Lohan

According to New York Page Six, Lindsay Lohan rejected Playboy to be naked in their 55th-anniversary in January.

Lohan's rep respond to Playboy's creative consultant, Hal Lifson "If there's nudity, then the answer's no ... She's not going down the [New York] magazine road again."

Lifson said he hoped Lohan to do a version of '60s sex kitten Ann-Margret and her film "Kitten With a Whip".



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sydneydoll said...

i like lindsay.
i hope she can resurrect her career.

she was good on ugly betty.

there hasnt been a disney star since her who can act
hilary duff, miley cyrus, demi lovato - they dont act, they just read lines. Celebrity, Fashion, Beauty