Saturday, October 4, 2008

A glance of Lindsay Lohan's diary

Lindsay Lohan picture
Lindsay Lohan

I don't know whether this is the real diary of Lindsay Lohan or not. Well, just relax and have a look on it.

Wow, this week, has been toadally krazee! And when things are, like, crazy, it's really hard to stay, like, sane, y'know?

First, my stupid so-called dad was telling people disgusting things about me and my friend Samantha Ronson. I mean, who the f*** does he think he is? I made space in my life and heart for that man after he abandoned us as kids, and he repays me by going to People magazine and saying my friend Samantha Ronson doesn't use toilet paper? What the f***? Sometimes I'm amazed, with a dad like that and a mom like Dina, who is now using my little sister to make a reality TV show about herself, that I turned out so, y'know, mature.

Then my friend Adam Goldstein, although you know him better as DJ AM, was in a really really bad plane crash. Samantha Ronson and I couldn't believe something so bad could happen to someone we know! The really spooky thing is, I'd spoken to Adam three weeks ago. How creepy is that? He's doing OK, but still, it totally weirded us out.

Then I said on radio that maybe Samantha Ronson and I are, like, not just friends. Man, that was crazy! Fine, we've been posing for paparazzi holding hands for two years, but as you, my millions of MySpace friends, know, I'm a totally private person. Otherwise people might just focus on my personal stuff and forget I was once an actress, y'know?



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