Friday, October 24, 2008

Lindsay Lohan's career is in risk

Lindsay Lohan picture
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s career is in bad status because she doesn't have other film offers after Ugly Betty. Moreover, her role in "Ugly Betty" has been cut short.

According to source “It’s over for Lindsay. She’s got no film work, after this (‘Ugly Betty’ news) she’s not going to land TV jobs; I hear she’s tried to get on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and can’t.”

The added "What’s the cause? It’s not a matter of will she show up or not anymore, it’s that she can’t carry a movie, she’s just not a draw anymore. When you aren’t a draw, you aren’t going to get auditions. It’s that simple".

Another source said , “Every project she’s had has fallen through. She’s not even filling up her time with independent films, which is usually the strategy when work gets slow. She’s a good actress, she’s just stuck right now.”

Well, I am not sure what Lindsay is good at? She is not good in acting since she doesn't have many film offers (I still remember she got Worst Actress award lasttime) and she is not good in singing too. How about her leggings business? Well, Lindsay, you just have to strive harder.


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