Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Emma Roberts talks bad about Lindsay Lohan

Emma Roberts Disses Lindsay Lohan
by Arieanna Schweber on February 3rd, 2009
I typically don’t report on news that involves someone saying something nasty about Lindsay. Let’s face it, people like to pick on her. Lindsay knows this and talked at length about her frustration with it in her Interview Magazine feature.
Lindsay Lohan picture
Lindsay Lohan

Emma Roberts, who acted in movie Hotel for Dogs said some bad remarks about Lindsay Lohan in an interview with MovieHole.

When quoted about the difficulties that she faces from adolescence to adulthood, she responded by criticizing some of the actors who messed up in their life.

“So many people just mess it up, and they do things that are so outrageous. And it’s like - the whole point is, like, Anne Hathaway. The fact that she was in Princess Diaries, like, you’d never think about that. Whereas, like, Lindsay Lohan, you still know that she was in Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap, and it’s hard to take her seriously.”



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Candace said...

will that poor girl ever get a break. emma roberts wouldn't be anything if it wasn't for julia. her acting is subpar at best. Celebrity, Fashion, Beauty