Sunday, October 31, 2010

‘One Night with You’ having trouble launched because Lindsay Lohan

Producer Richard Sullivan has a tough time launching a project called ‘One Night with You’ with Lindsay Lohan because can’t get Lindsay insured.

He tells Radar Online:

“It’s amazing,” says O’Sullivan. “Lindsay hasn’t shot anyone. Charlie Sheen actually has. He SHOT Kelly Preston.” (Sheen and Preston were engaged at the time and the 1990 incident was ruled an accident.)

“Lindsay hasn’t been keeping entire prostitution rings in business. Charlie has. Lindsay hasn’t destroyed personal property like Charlie has. Still, Lindsay’s a pariah and yet when Charlie does it, it’s just ‘boys being boys’.”



Lindsay Lohan's Funny or Die video



Friday, October 29, 2010

PETA offered $20,000 to Lindsay Lohan if she turns vegetarian

Lindsay Lohan is having financial problem and has problem paying her bill for her rehab at Betty Ford Center. Animal rights group PETA has come forward and offered her $20,000 if she adopts a vegan diet.

According to E! reports, PETA head Michelle Cho told Lindsay, "As you know, a crucial part of any recovery is showing charity to others. One way to do this is to be kind to animals, the Earth, and your own body. You'll never regret it."

PETA will pay her $10,000 if she sticks to vegan diet during her stay at Betty Ford and will pay the balance if she continues her vegan diet for a year after she is out of rehab.



Thursday, October 28, 2010

Porn website offered job for Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been offered a marketing consultant job by an adult website to pay off part of her $125,000 bill according to


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lindsay Lohan not pleased with washing toilet

Lindsay Lohan was asked to do chores in Betty Ford centre such as cleaning the toilet but she does not look pleased with it.

One source told Britain’s Now Magazine, "She was asking if she was supposed to use a sponge to clean the toilet. And when someone handed her the toilet bowl brush, she had absolutely no idea what it was or what to do with it.”



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lindsay Lohan may allow her dad to visit her in rehab

Lindsay Lohan is in rehab now, at the Betty Ford Center and she may let her dad to visit her according to sources.

Previously he was rejected to visit her.

She also don't like her dad to have relationship with Kate Major.

A friend of her tells X17online:

"Lindsay absolutely hates Kate. She's never liked her and thinks she's just with her dad to get a story. Until he gets rid of her, it's going to be hard for Lindsay to accept him back in her life."



Monday, October 25, 2010

Emma Stone emulates Lindsay Lohan On SNL



Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael was assaulted

The night before Lindsay Lohan needed to attend Beverly Hills courtroom, her estranged father, Michael Lohan, was assaulted in Santa Monica according to authorities.

According to police, he was getting into his car, then a man approached him and there was a fight. Then the attacker fell down and then he ran off after that.

No arrest done yet.

I wonder why that person attack him?



Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's career can be destroyed of continue rehab

Lindsay Lohan will need to go to rehab, alternative to going to jail. Lindsay Lohan thinks that this will destroy her career.

On today's hearing, documents are recorded as , "The defendant says her clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product."



Lindsay Lohan will need to spend her holidays in rehab

Lindsay Lohan is spared from going back to jail but she has to spend her holidays until Jan 3 in rehab instead

According to TMZ, she is expected back in court on Feb. 25.



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's father swear not to talk about family in public

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael released statement, saying that he won't be talking about his family in public anymore. He said:

"I want to make a public statement that I will not be commenting on ANYTHING relating to my daughter Lindsay, or ANYTHING my ex-wife Dina, or any 'sources' related to her, might say."

"NO MATTER what accusations, lies or conjecture are disseminated to the public about me, for the sake of the ones I love and with hope of creating peace, I WILL NOT respond, in ANY way, to what is said or done, to me.

Is this confirmed? Since he so used to talking about it in public. Old habit dies hard.


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christina Aguilera turns to Lindsay's ex Samantha Ronson for support

Christina Aguilera and her husband are no more together. They are divorcing.

According to, Christina is seeking emotional support from her
gal pal Samantha Ronson.

One source told, "They've known each other forever and they're good friends."

"Samantha was in Mexico with Christina for Nicole's [Richie] bachelorette party."



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's mother denied post rehab interview

Previously there were rumors saying that Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina were shopping
for interviews about her daughter to get 5 figure.

But Dina denied these rumors and said it was "absolutely not true," and calling the rumor a "total lie".



Monday, October 18, 2010

Lindsay Lohan wa asked not have her mom to handle her careers

Lindsay Lohan wa asked not have her mom to handle her careers if she wants to remain sober according to RadarOnline.

One source said, “Dina needs to no longer act as her manager, or work for her daughter in any capacity."

“Lindsay needs Dina to simply be her mother.

“Lindsay’s treatment team at Betty Ford has emphasized this to Lindsay, very, very strongly.

“Lindsay feels the financial burden of taking care of her entire family.

“It’s enormous pressure for any person in their twenties, let alone someone that is battling with addiction.

“Lindsay and Dina don’t have a normal mother-and-daughter dynamic because of the length of time that Dina has worked for Lindsay.

“Lindsay is strong enough to tell Dina that she doesn’t want her to work for her anymore.

“It’s partly because it has been the norm for so long and Lindsay doesn’t know what her career would look like without her mom’s involvement.

“Lindsay wants to get back to work, with the view, the sooner the better.

“However, her treatment team is asking that she commit to at least another 45 days of treatment.

“Lindsay has done several 30 day rehab stints and almost every time, she has relapsed.

“We really believe that the longer she stays at Betty Ford, the better for her odds of success.”



Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dina Lohan looking for post rehab interviews

Dina Lohan is crazy of money. No wonder their family full with wreak. According to TMZ, she is looking for interview after she visits her daughter Lindsay this weekend and wants to get 5 figure amount from this.

For heaven sake, her daughter is in rehab and the only thing she can think is to get benefit from it and lots of money?



Friday, October 15, 2010

Michael Lohan may purposely get drunk to get near his daughter Lindsay

This may sound silly but Lindsay Lohan's estranged father want to purposely get drunk to go near to her. This is because he is forbidden to see her in Betty Form rehab. So, he thought of this idea to get admission into this clinic.



Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lindsay Lohan didn't escape rehab for Coca Cola

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer says a report from RadarOnline saying that Lindsay Lohan tried to get out from rehab for Coca-Cola is "absurd and untrue."

Attorney Shawn Chapman Holley talked to Lohan's counselors at the Betty Ford Clinic and there nobody mention about her attempt to escape from rehab.



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's estranged father Michael turns down Celebrity Apprentice

Lindsay Lohan's estranged father Michael will not be in Celebrity Apprentice. The reason is because he's too busy.

He tells, "Although the meeting went well, I was too busy with other things to be on the show."


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lindsay Lohan blames her estranged dad for her problems

Currently Lindsay Lohan is having her treatment in Betty Ford Clinic for her drug addiction and she blames her family for her problems.

She blames mostly on her dad where she witness he abused her and forced to move to LA at very young age with little supervision.



Monday, October 11, 2010

Wilmer Valderram still loves Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was Wilmer Valderrama's ex girlfriend and he till loves her.

He told Access Hollywood, "It's hard not to. Look, I loved her and still love her."

Then he added, "'You can only wish for the best and hope people find the light."



Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pat O'Brien ask Lindsay Lohan to get clean before she dies

In an exclusive interview with, entertainment reporter and TV personality Pat O'Brien asked Lindsay Lohan to get clean before she dies!

He said, "Lindsay is a smart girl. She has to want to be sober. She'd better start taking this serious before it's too late."



Saturday, October 9, 2010

Iggy Pop thinks Lindsay Lohan suitable to play him in biopic

Iggy Pop thinks that Lindsay Lohan will the suitable person play him in a biopic.

He tells the reasons, "She looks like me, and she's the only one with enough attitude too."

He added: "They could tape her boobs up or something. She's been in jail at the right age and everything, so I thought she could do it."



Lindsay Lohan not allowed use Twitter

Lindsay Lohan enjoys writting in her Twitter but since now she is having her treatment in Betty Ford Center, she is not allowed to do soon. Twitter are forbidden there.

Even phone calls are restricted to family and close friends only.

One source said, "Before, she would repeatedly and compulsively e-mail her friends if she was ever in a situation where she felt lonely, and she would vent on Twitter."'



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Michael Lohan blames Dina for Lindsay's problems

Lindsay Lohan is currently having her treatment in Betty Ford and her estranged father, Michael feels that only family therapy can heal her problems.

He said: "I keep stressing family therapy because all of the problems occurred as a result of my divorce with Dina. She needs to resolve this. While we were at Cirque Lodge and Lindsay and I had family therapy it was wonderful. They asked Dina to come and she wouldn't, I guess she has a problem just taking responsibility. I don't like saying that but it's cleansing to be able to say, 'I did this and I did that,' and be responsible."

He added: "For Dina to try to keep me out shows she's not interested in Lindsay getting better. She's not going to get better until she gets family therapy."'


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's estranged father was rejected to visit her in rehab

Lindsay Lohan's estranged father, Michael went to Betty Ford Center where Lindsay is currently having her treatment there. But he was turned away by the security there because the visiting hours were over.



Monday, October 4, 2010

Lindsay Lohan plans to sell photos of her in rehab

Lindsay Lohan has always think the ways to earn some money. She has gone from having her line of leggings, being a host, being a model and now eventhough she is in the rehab, she has think a way to earn extra money by selling photos of her in rehab.

A friend of hers said, "Lindsay hasn't worked in so long that the only way she makes money now is from selling photographs. She can make an easy $30,000 to $40,000 a pop for a few hours work. However pictures of her in rehab getting better could sell for as much as $100,000."



Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lindsay Lohan' s schedule in Betty Ford

Lindsay Lohan is currently having her treatment in Betty Ford. Below are the typical day's schedule:

* 7:00 am wakeup call
* 7:30 am breakfast
* 8:00 am meditation followed by chores
* 9:00 am group therapy
* 11:00 am individual therapy
* 12:00 pm lunch
* 1:00 pm grief group
* 3:00 pm exercise
* 4:00 pm meeting
* 6:00 pm dinner
* 10:00 pm lights out



Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tina Fey send her wishes to Lindsay Lohan

Tina Fey, who was Lindsay Lohan's co-stars in Mean Girls gives her wishes to her. According to PopEater, Tina hopes she is able to get well soon.

She said, “I think that’s good [that she's in rehab]. Let’s hope it all gets through to Lindsay eventually.



Friday, October 1, 2010

Charlie Sheen gives his support to Lindsay Lohan

Charlie Sheen gives his support to Lindsay Lohan. He had some problem as her before, dealing with drug addiction.

He explains, "It's not easy to begin with but then you put it under the bright lights of this circus and it makes it that much more difficult. People just need to leave her alone and let her do her thing and at the end of the day she'll win."



Lindsay Lohan checked into Betty Ford Center

For the fifth time, Lindsay lohan has checked into rehab again. This time in Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California. Sources tells X17online about this.

Her father, Michael does not agree about her having treatment there because he finds the treatment there are not effective.

He told X17online, a piece of his mind about Betty Ford Center:

"Now that word is out. Look at the "short" list of people who went to Betty Ford. Most if not all relapsed. I went there myself and I will TELL you. Betty Ford is a Country Club. They administer pprescription meds, and even put their patients on prescription meds. Once more, they DON'T have family therapy AT ALL. Conflict resolution and family therapy are a key component in recovery! Her turmoil and the root of her problems are her family. This will not work! Mark my words! It is however, comforting to know Lindsay is in a safe place and away from her enablers. Unfortunately, if BF gives her any prescription drugs, they become another enabler. Back to square one!"


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