Friday, October 1, 2010

Lindsay Lohan checked into Betty Ford Center

For the fifth time, Lindsay lohan has checked into rehab again. This time in Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California. Sources tells X17online about this.

Her father, Michael does not agree about her having treatment there because he finds the treatment there are not effective.

He told X17online, a piece of his mind about Betty Ford Center:

"Now that word is out. Look at the "short" list of people who went to Betty Ford. Most if not all relapsed. I went there myself and I will TELL you. Betty Ford is a Country Club. They administer pprescription meds, and even put their patients on prescription meds. Once more, they DON'T have family therapy AT ALL. Conflict resolution and family therapy are a key component in recovery! Her turmoil and the root of her problems are her family. This will not work! Mark my words! It is however, comforting to know Lindsay is in a safe place and away from her enablers. Unfortunately, if BF gives her any prescription drugs, they become another enabler. Back to square one!"


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