Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bebe Buell wants to help Lindsay Lohan

Bebe Buell wants to help Lindsay Lohan.

She said: "If Lindsay spent a year with me I could turn her around. I could have her winning her first Oscar in two years!".

"The first thing I would do is put 10 pounds on her. She needs a more kittenish quality. She's looking too thin right now. That's not a good look. And she also needs to go back to being a natural red head. The blonde hair doesn't work. It ages her. She's got it all. She's just around people who don't get it."



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lisalisa said...

Bebe Buell never put Liv Tyler first. Bebe Buell dropped Liv off to live at grandmas so Bebe could continue being a professional groupie chasing bands around the country.

Bebe Buell lied to her daughter about who her real father was, for financial reasons. Bebe Buell finally came clean to her daughter about who the real father was, when it became financially beneficial.

Bebe Buell tried to capitalize on her daughters fame, forcing Liv to cut off all contact with her for over a year.

Bebe Buell is currently trying to use Liv's name to try AGAIN her long since failed idea of becoming a "singer". Now it looks like she's even trying to use Lindsay's fame. Disgusting!

If there is ONE person who has no right to judge another mom, it is Bebe Buell. Celebrity, Fashion, Beauty