Sunday, October 23, 2011

Michael Lohan blasts on Dina Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's mom Dina Lohan wants to publish a book that tells about her daughter's drug addictions.

Michael Lohan blasts Dina, saying,

“Shame on you Dina. Well I guess making Lindsay sign a LIFETIME management agreement (taking 20 percent of everything she earns) at the age of 10, wasn't enough. No, it’s a book? A tell all? Well from what I read so far at least she's accurate about allowing Lindsay to go to LA at such a young age. BUT does she say it was against my wishes? Or it was with a runaway (NOT A GUARDIAN) who was only 19? Or that I told Dina and Lindsay to get away from the people Dina said were good kids, and then against my wishes, she allowed them in our own house. Kendra and AJ, who turned out to be the people who introduced Lindsay to drugs and even stalked her, were two of these people. While filming Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Dina actually tried to sneak Lindsay a Bellini (alcohol based drink), without me knowing. The kids would even say ‘Daddy, don't let mommy drink anymore.’ Meanwhile, I am the one who gets all the flack, along with being accused of selling Lindsay out, when I never took a penny. I have been saying these things all along. Why don't people speak out and put more pressure on Dina, to FINALLY do the right thing? Just put our differences aside for the sake of our kids and deal with our issues between us. When will people, including Lindsay, realize that DINA did this to Lindsay and it was DINA who destroyed our entire family? Because of her greed, alliance to her mother and brothers, (rather than us as a family) and desire to be famous, Lindsay is where she is today. All the pain, suffering and heartache is due to Dina and HER family, while me and MY family offered the stability and support Lindsay needed and needs, Dina and her family offered the opposite. For God’s sake, I look like Michael the Archangel compared to Dina’s two brothers, Paul and Matt Sullivan. Well, when it comes to the book (memoires) don’t count on Dina taking any blame or admitting that what she did destroyed Lindsay, her career and our other children. What you can count on is a take off of Matt Lauer’s interview, and the disgusting lies to the courts. Lindsay has a hard enough time dealing with her own issues at hand. Instead of dropping more bricks on her, why don’t you come clean and be the professed, ‘good Catholic’ you and your hypocritical family say you are? Mend the fences, HELP Lindsay, and offer the support two parents are supposed to offer the children we brought into the world? THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU, YOUR FAMILY OR OUR DIFFERENCES; IT'S ABOUT ALL OF OUR CHILDREN, BUT FOR NOW, SAVING LINDSAY’S LIFE. NOT TAKING MORE FROM HER.”



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