Monday, March 5, 2012

Lindsay Lohan has mixed reviews about her host in SNL

Many criticize her host in SNL on the Twitter but according to a longtime studio pro, she has positive reviews, saying “She got slammed on Twitter and Facebook and all over social media. But the people who actually can give her jobs — at least the ones I talked to — said she did a fine job and had several truly funny moments.”

“All the ‘SNL’ kids do that, of course, but Lindsay was really kind of bad at that. I know they change scenes and lines right up to when the show goes live in New York, but that seeming lack of focus is something that directors and producers would be worried about,” added a second source, a top Hollywood casting director. “It really seemed very evident when she did that house-sitting skit with Kristen Wiig going crazy over imagined crank calls.”



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