Monday, April 16, 2012

Lindsay Lohan's assault accuser feels she been treated as second class citizen

The woman who claims that Lindsay Lohan assaulted her, is complaining that she is being treated as second hand class citizen by police.

A source said: 'Marisa feels that cops are enamoured with Lindsay and weren't taking her claims seriously.'

'She says she was treated like a second class citizen, despite the fact she provided photographic evidence documenting her injuries.'

'Marisa's acquaintance filed a formal police report and so did a staff member from the The Standard Hotel who witnessed the entire assault.'

'He told the investigators that there is surveillance video of Lindsay arriving and leaving from the back of the hotel too.'

'Remember, Lindsay insists she wasn't at the hotel that night, so if she is lying about that why would the investigators not take Marisa's claim seriously?'

'Lindsay has a clear pattern of this behavior and is a convicted criminal.'



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