Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lindsay Lohan wants to date a man by asking help from her bodyguard

Lindsay Lohan went to party at Maddox nightclub in Central London, England and ask her security guard to request a man to meet her.

The man revealed what happened, "I was sitting on a VIP table with a group of friends when Lindsay walked in - we couldn't believe it."

"After about half an hour I was tapped on the shoulder by a man who looked to be her security guard. He said: 'Ms Lohan has requested to meet you.'

"I was really confused so asked him to repeat himself, and he did."

"It was really flattering, but I have a girlfriend so apologized and told him so."

"He was really friendly and told me to have a good night before going back to Lindsay's table."

"My mates found the whole thing hilarious. I imagine a lot of men would have jumped at the chance of meeting her."



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